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    SILLA is a specialized Defense Industry enterprise providing various state-of-the-art Military Equipment,Anti-Terrorism Equipment and Fire-Fighting equipment to the worldwide Military,Civil,and Police market based on the international advanced technology.

    In order to meet customers' multifarious requirements and provide customers with satisfactory products and services, SILLA goes with the ever-changing trend of market rapidly and effectively through the special technology and the complete quality management system.

    SILLA guarantees the highest quality and maximum performance to customers all the time which makes SILLA win positive recognition from a wide range of customers as well as attention and praise from the worldwide defense market.

    Based on its accumulated experience in defense industry field for more than 20 years, SILLA will move every customer deeply and unexpectedly. The customers' satisfaction is always the highest value of SILLA enterprise and we would like to make a promise here that SILLA will be with our customers all the time.

    SILLA values humanity and brings benefit to the world.Today,all of the SILLA staff are exerting their full efforts to strive forward in order to grow into a world leader in the defense industry with the first-class technology,to prepare for a big step up to the hopeful future,to contribute to the national security and world security.

    We express our sincerest gratitude to all of customers and look forward with keen attention to your profound interest and support.


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